​Reducing Risk

Reduces denitrification losses

  Ureau forms of N (dry) volatize faster than other

  forms of nitrogen

  Urea ammonia nitrate forms of N (liquid) will

  remain for weeks

Increases availability of nitrogen during the

entire growing season

Liquid fertilizer begins to work on


Understanding N-P-K

Coastal Bermuda utilizes N-P-K in a 4-1-3 ratio

  N promotes a high quality,leaf growth and increases

  the forage protein percentage

  P is critical for root growth which enhances water


  K is essential for winter hardening of plants and for

  maintaining stands of pasture grass


​Ross Hay and Sprigs Farm and Fertilizer and Aftermarket Parts

We sell a liquid blend of fertilizer it is 15-5-10 and we let you take the applicator and put it out or we can do it at a extra charge it is easy to operate with foam markers and can mix some herbicides with it and just make one trip over the field,we have had excellent results killing bahai grass in the bermuda fields within a couple of days,this fertilizer is not foliar feed it is the real stuff and is best to be applied after the hay is short so it can go in the ground,it is cheaper than granular so give us a call and let you know what the current price is you will be glad you did.